About us

Markspace was founded during 2016. Our day-to-day mission is to provide office space as a service, providing our clients a peaceful mind. We just know how important it is to develop your business from a comfortable and enriching workspace and the way it impacts your team and yourself. That is why we will always do our very best to provide our clients with an exceptional workspace experience; giving you all the room to dream big, aim high and focus on your business.


Customer Commitment

We are committed to your everyday experience at work. We develop relationships and provide services that make a positive difference in our customers' lives.


The courage to shape a better workspace future and impact the global growth of the co-sharing economy.



Collective genius is key. Our community put together people with diverse talents and perspective so your businesses could reach higher.


We promote team member growth by providing your team with a happy workspace.



This is your new home, a safe place where you can feel comfortable and secured.